Farrowknees (Ridley)


Farrowknees might actually be the bastle called Farnalees.  In the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, the farm was listed as Farrowknees.  And it was called Farnees in 1851.

Abandoned farm of Farnalees lies on the west side of the Allen valley on the south edge of the ravine of the Farnalees Burn. The ruined farmhouse was originally a bastle, a fortified farmhouse. It measures about 10m by 6m and has heavy stone walls. Although originally built in C16 or early C17, it was much modified in C19. Unfortunately the building is now much ruined.  Here is the link which has a photo of the ruin.


Jan 22   John Lowes of Farrow Kees buried.


6 Jun 1841
George Usher, Aged 60, Farmer, Yes
Anne Usher, Aged 60, , Yes
George Usher, Aged 20, Farmer, Yes
Hannah Hetherington, Aged 18, Agricultural Labourer, Yes


30 Mar 1851
George Usher, Head, Mar, Aged 72, Farmer of 104 Acres Employing 3 Labourers, NBL Whitfield
Ann Usher, Wife, Mar, Aged 73, , NBL Warden
George Usher, Son, Unm, Aged 32, Farmer's Son Employed on the Farm, NBL Haltwhistle
William Hindmarsh, Servant, Unm, Aged 24, Agricultural Labourer, NBL Haltwhistle
Sarah Warwick, Servant, Unm, Aged 16, General Servant, CUL Brampton


7 Apr 1861
Thomas Henderson, Head, Mar, Aged 27, Carter, NBL Melkridge
Elizabeth Henderson, Wife, Mar, Aged 29, , DUR Stanhope
Jane Ann Hewnderson, Daur, , Aged 2, , NBL Haydon
Elizabeth Henderson, Daur, , Aged 11 mo, , NBL Haydon


2 Apr 1871
Robert Usher, Head, Mar, Aged 37, Farmer of 100 acres, NBL
Jane Usher, Wife, Mar, Aged 32, , NBL
William Lowes Usher, Son, , Aged 5, Scholar, NBL
Hannah Usher, Daughter, , Aged 3, Scholar, NBL
Robert Usher, Son, , Aged 2, , NBL
Jane Usher, Daughter, , Aged 1, , NBL


3 Apr 1881
Robert Usher, Head, Mar, Aged 46, Shepherd, NBL Haltwhistle
Jane Usher, Wife, Mar, Aged 42, , NBL Haltwhistle
William Usher, Son, , Aged 15, Shepherd's Son, NBL Haltwhistle
Hannah Usher, Daughter, , Aged 13, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Robert Usher, Son, , Aged 12, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Elizabeth Usher, Daughter, , Aged 8, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Annie Usher, Daughter, , Aged 6, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
George Usher, Son, , Aged 2, , NBL Haltwhistle


5 Apr 1891
William Dickinson, Head, Mar, Aged 46, Mason, NBL Allendale
Isabella Dickinson, Wife, Mar, Aged 45, , NBL Haltwhistle
Laramer Dickinson, Son, , Aged 12, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Martha J. Dickinson, Daughter, , Aged 9, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
John L. Dickinson, Son, , Aged 6, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Charles Dickinson, Son, , Aged 3, , NBL Haltwhistle
Jane Dickinson, Visitor, Single, Aged 30, Dressmaker, NBL Allendale


1894 Kelly's Directory of Northumberland
Dickinson Wm., farmer (hind), Farnalees [there is a good likelihood that this is Farrowknees]


31 Mar 1901
George Carrick, Head, Mar, Aged 52, Stone Mason (Worker), NBL Haltwhistle
Maria Carrick, Wife, Mar, Aged 31, , DUR Gateshead
Robert P. Carrick, Son, Single, Aged 18, Mason's Labourer (Worker), NBL Haltwhistle
Alice I. Carrick, Daughter, Single, Aged 3, , NBL Hexham
Thompson Carrick, Son, Single, Aged 1, , NBL Haltwhistle
Flory A. Carrick, Daughter, Single, Aged 2 mo., , NBL Haltwhistle


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