Midgewham (Ridley)


Midgewham can be found on Armstrong's "Map of Northumberland, 1769" [Midge Wham].  There is a wide degree of spellings for this farm.  Midgewham and Midgeholm are used interchangeably it seems.

This isolated bastle lies on the west side of the Allen valley. There is a long range of farmhouses with the remains of the bastle at its east end. Only the north and east walls of the original building survive. They are about 1m thick. An original doorway can be seen in the east end of the building. The rest of the farmhouse was built on to the bastle in C19.


6 Jun 1841
Sarah Pearson, Aged 60, Farmer, Yes
Ursula Pearson, Aged 20, , Yes
Nicholas Pearson, Aged 35, Butcher, Yes
Mary Pearson, Aged 35, , Yes
John Pearson, Aged 9 months, , Yes

Thomas Hindmarsh, Aged 83, Farmer, Yes
Mary Hindmarsh, Aged 50, Agricultural Labourer, Yes
William Hindmarsh, Aged 15, , Yes
Johnston Hindmarsh, Aged 37, Agricultural Labourer, Yes
Francis Nicholson, Aged 30, Agricultural Labourer, Yes
Anne Nicholson, Aged 30, , Yes
George Nicholson, Aged 8, , Yes
Thomas Nicholson, Aged 7, , Yes
Mary Nicholson, Aged 6, , Yes
Francis Nicholson, Aged 4, , Yes


30 Mar 1851
Sarah Pearson, Head, Wid, Aged 73, Leasehold Farmer of 210 Acres Employing 4 Labourers, NBL Simonburn
Mary Makepeace, Servant, Unm, Aged 14, General Servant, NBL Simonburn

West Midge Holm
Hugh Bushby, Head, Mar, Aged 37, Farmer of 70 Acres Employing 1 Labourer, NBL Haltwhistle
Elisabeth Bushby, Wife, Mar, Aged 30, , NBL Haltwhistle
Thomas Bushby, Son, , Aged 7, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Margaret Bushby, Daur, , Aged 5, , NBL Haltwhistle
Hannah Bushby, Daur, , Aged 2, , NBL Haltwhistle


7 Apr 1861

East Midgeholme
Sarah Pearson, Head, Wid, Aged 84, Farmer of 27 Acres, NBL Simonburn
Nicholas Maughan Wright, Son, Mar, Aged 59, Butcher and Agricultural Labourer, NBL Haydon
Mary Maughan Wright, Daur-in-Law, Mar, Aged 54, , NBL West Allendale
Robert Maughan Wright, Grand-son, Unm, Aged 15, Agricultural Labourer, NBL Ridley

West Midgeholme
Nicholas Maughan, Head, Mar, Aged 33, Farmer of 80 Acres, NBL Warden
Susanna Maughan, Wife, Mar, Aged 29, , NBL Corbridge
Mary Ann Maughan, Daur, , Aged 11, Scholar, NBL Warden
Samuel Pears Maughan, Son, , Aged 6, , NBL Haltwhistle
Nicholas John Maughan, Son, , Aged 4, , NBL Haltwhistle
Susanna Maughan, Daur, , Aged 11 mo, , NBL Haltwhistle
Elizabeth Newton, Servant, Unm, Aged 23, General Servant, NBL Allendale


2 Apr 1871


1879 Kelly's Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland
Maughan Nicholas, farmer, Midgeholm [this must be Midgewham]


3 Apr 1881
Robert Dawson, Head, Unm, Aged 47, Farmer of 80 Acres, NBL Haltwhistle
Elizabeth Dawson, Mother, Wid, Aged 77, , NBL Haltwhistle
Ann Dawson, Daughter, Unm, Aged 36, Farmer's Sister, NBL Haltwhistle

Nicholas Maughan, Head, Mar, Aged 78, Farmer of 30 Acres, NBL Haydon
Mary Maughan, Wife, Mar, Aged 74, , NBL Allendale

John Maughan, Head, Mar, Aged 40, Farmer's Son, NBL Haltwhistle
Isabella Maughan, Wife, Mar, Aged 29, , NBL
Nicholas Maughan, Son, , Aged 1, , NBL Haltwhistle


5 Apr 1891
John Maughan, Head, Mar, Aged 49, Road Laboror, NBL Haltwhistle
Isabela Maughan, Wife, Mar, Aged 39, , Haughton Mainle
Nicholas Maughan, Son, , Aged 11, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Maggie H. Maughan, Daughter, , Aged 8, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Mary I. Maughan, Daughter, , Aged 5, Scholar, NBL Haltwhistle
Annie J. Maughan, Daughter, , Aged 2, , NBL Haltwhistle
John Snowdon, Boarder, Wid, Aged 67, Thatcher, NBL Haltwhistle

Hugh Bushby, Head, Mar, Aged 36, Farmer, NBL Allendale
Jane Bushby, Wife, Mar, Aged 43, , NBL Whitfield
Hannah Bushby, Daughter, , Aged 8, , NBL Whitfield
Francis Bushby, Daughter, , Aged 7, , NBL Haltwhistle
Frederick Bushby, Son, , Aged 6, , NBL Haltwhistle
Betsy Bushby, Daughter, , Aged 4, , NBL Haltwhistle
Jane Bushby, Daughter, , Aged 11 mo., , NBL Haltwhistle
John Walton, Visitor, Single, Aged 45, , NBL Whitfield
Elizabeth Cowing, Servant, Single, Aged 20, General Servant (Domestic), NBL Haltwhistle


4 Nov  Birth - John William Maughan, parish Beltingham with Henshaw, NBL


1894 Kelly's Directory of Northumberland
Bushby Hugh, farmer, Midgeholm [there is a good likelihood that this is Midgewham]


25 Apr  Baptised - John William Maughan; father John, farmer; mother Isabella; place Midgeholm


31 Mar 1901
John Maughan, Head, Mar, Aged 59, Farmer & Roadman (Worker), NBL Ridley
Isabella Maughan, Wife, Mar, Aged 49, , NBL Humshaugh
Meggie Maughan, Daughter, Single, Aged 18, , NBL Kingswood Rigg
Annie J. Maughan, Daughter, Single, Aged 12, , NBL Midgewham
John W. Maughan, Son, Single, Aged 7, ,

Hannah Fletcher, Head, Mar, Aged 47, Farmer (Own Account), NBL Haltwhistle
John Fletcher, Son, Single, Aged 14, , NBL Haltwhistle
Edward A. Fletcher, Son, Single, Aged 13, , NBL Haltwhistle
Allas Armstrong, Servant, Single, Aged 19, Servant Domestic, NBL Haltwhistle

[RG13/4827 F.79 P.5]


Maughan John, farmer, Midgewham